SuperShe started as a women’s only private island — a place where women could find community, form bonds & lift each other up. Quickly, SuperShe’s founder realized that a private island would be inaccessible to many women who want & need the community. So, she decided to bring the community onto an app. At &Walsh we created the branding, strategy & merch for the SuperShe brand.

︎︎︎ Creative Direction: Jessica Walsh
︎︎︎ Strategy: Lauren Walsh, Jessica Walsh
︎︎︎ Copywriting: Jessica Walsh, Stephanie Halovanic, Matthew Roop
︎︎︎ Production: Stephanie Halovanic, Allison Raich, Gosbinda Vizarretea
︎︎︎ Lead Designer & Type Design: Matthew Roop
︎︎︎ Design: Lucas Luz, Roman Burger
︎︎︎ Illustration: Anthony Eslick, Matthew Roop, Niege Borges, Yeji Park, Yeseul Oh, Zak Tebbal
︎︎︎ Photography: Sarah HoppPROP
︎︎︎ TVC Direction: Ashley Armitage
︎︎︎ TVC Production Company: Public Record