Matthew Roop

Matthew is a designer and creative leader serving as V.P. of Creative at ZEBEDEE. He has worked for some of the most famous names in the design world like Sagmeister & Walsh, Lippincott, Foreign Policy, and &Walsh.

When he’s not working you can find him chowing down on some Singaporean cuisine, helping his wife run their family design studio: Yeye Design Studio, or most likely, playing Elden Ring.

Get in touch with him here: matt@matthewroop.com

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︎︎︎ Designing with Intent 
︎︎︎ The function of...Beauty
︎︎︎ Idea by Committee
︎︎︎ What they don’t teach you in design school.
︎︎︎ Mastering an iteritive process  

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Blog Excerpt

From: Designing with Intent

They started with a simple task. A grid, and three square frames. Using only circles and rectangles, create a sequence of black-and-white images that convey an idea.

Two weeks into this first course in the graphic design department at University of the Arts, a young student was taken aback by their professor’s response to their work for the week. Exploring a simple triptych of progressive circles and rectangles the professor broke his silence…“The rhythm in this third composition feels a bit un-considered...I can see a relationship

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Random Moments in Typography

Get in touch: matt@matthewroop.com