Matthew Roop

I am a design addict and creative leader living and working remotely from Singapore. Previously I served as V.P. of Design at ZEBEDEE, a bitcoin lightning payment SaaS - where I grew the design department from 0 to 20. Before that I worked with the literal legends Jessica Walsh and Stefan Sagmeister in their collaborative studio. From time to time - I teach at the National University of Singapore. One of my favorite projects that I’ve worked on lately is Mixoloshe. See if you can spot the picture of our big celebrity partner down below (hint: look in “one direction”).

When I’m not working you can find me chowing down on some Singaporean “local food”, helping my wife run our family design studio, or most likely, playing Elden Ring. 

Get in touch with me here: matt@matthewroop.com

Design Writing & Blog

︎︎︎ The Politics of Typography
︎︎︎ Designing with Intent 
︎︎︎ The function of...Beauty
︎︎︎ Idea by Committee
︎︎︎ What they don’t teach you in design school.
︎︎︎ Mastering an iteritive process  

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Blog Excerpt

From: Designing with Intent

They started with a simple task. A grid, and three square frames. Using only circles and rectangles, create a sequence of black-and-white images that convey an idea.

Two weeks into this first course in the graphic design department at University of the Arts, a young student was taken aback by their professor’s response to their work for the week. Exploring a simple triptych of progressive circles and rectangles the professor broke his silence…“The rhythm in this third composition feels a bit un-considered...I can see a relationship

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Get in touch: matt@matthewroop.com